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About Adam


Shaman, healer, channel, clair gnostic… human. I prefer human helping other humans. We all are more than we were ever made to believe. A whole lot more.  As a matter of scientific fact, we are all that we would call “superhuman”. Unfortunately, so often the remembering of our true potential gets triggered by trauma, drama, loss, disease etc. I am no exception. The loss of my wife and love of 20 years to cancer awakened my innate, human ability to know and to hear from beyond the veil and in some cases, to physically heal. Thus, my life’s purpose has become to help other humans cope with their grief and help heal their wounds. As humans we all have the ability to hear, see, know our loved ones’ messages from beyond this dimension. Their voices fainter than a whisper stronger than a thought are not bound by limitations of space and time nor the limitations of the mind. Once experienced, hope and joy will once more be awakened within our hearts. We all originate from the same source and a small part of our vast souls are mere guests on this earth to play our part within the illusion of the worldly hardships, we all as “superhumans” have the potential to overcome. I’m only here to help you remember how.

About Adam


Connecting Beyond the Veil - Sessions


Connecting to Loved Ones Beyond the Veil

Includes: Days before the session, I will connect to Loved ones beyond the veil or channel information they would like to relay. I use a photograph that the client emails to me and receive messages throughout the days leading up to the session. I summarize the received information in a final automatic writing/channeling session, which I share with you the client right at the beginning of our conversation. This allows us more time for follow-ups and to expand on issues as initial questions, are usually addressed right at the beginning. 

$180 – 1 hour

Channeling - Sessions

Connecting with my Galactic Family and Channeling Answers to Life's Questions

Includes: During this session, I connect to my Angelic Family and/or my adopted family of Mantis beings for advice on Life’s questions and beyond. This is a great way of exploring topics related to current paradigm shifts of schoolroom earth and how they may affect your soul’s journey.

$180 – 1 hour


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